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Whether faced with misdemeanor or felony charges, you need a formidable force in the courtroom.

Any run-in with the law can be frightening, whether it is your first offense or you have been in this situation before. The uncertainty of your future can make your situation even more intimidating. At the Michael L. Steinberg Law Firm, we understand what you are going through and are prepared to fight on your behalf with the skill and tenacity your case deserves.

What Past Clients Have To Say
Well, this is not a typical review you would see on a defense attorney review. However, kudos and praise need to be given when deserved. I am a retired Sergeant and Detective who had several cases with Attorney Steinberg. I have never seen an attorney be so tenacious about representing his client(s) and fighting for them to make sure that justice was on the right side. Along with seeing that his clients were treated fairly and equitably in front of the district and circuit court judges. Attorney Steinberg is brilliant in his arguments and is even more so in cross-examination. As a former Police Officer, he taught me that if you don't have all the facts in your case, he will punch holes through it! It is not about to win or lose with Attorney Steinberg, it is about getting to the truth of the matter and representing that. If an attorney ever deserved 10 stars, Attorney Steinberg absolutely has earned them! Great attorney!!
M. A. E.
Former Police Officer
I've never met a person more caring, thoughtful, and proactive human and lawyer than Michael Steinberg. Through difficult circumstances, my family found ourselves in need of a lawyer. Though I didn't know him well, Michael is a long-time friend of my husband, so we reached out for his help. Not only was he there to answer every email, text, and phone call, but he brought a calm and level-headed dialogue and approach to each step we navigated. Michael went out of his way to make sure we were informed, prepared, and comfortable. He also made sure to touch base with all other legal personnel involved, ensuring that every base was covered. Once everything was said and done, he followed up to make sure we were satisfied, safe, taken care of, and supported. Michael is not only a knowledgeable, well-rounded, kind, and professional lawyer, but he also deeply cares for the well-being, safety, and future of those he works with. We would recommend him to any and all lucky enough to cross his path. Michael will be a friend for life.
Allie G.


If you have been charged with a crime, the most important thing to do is to hire qualified legal representation as soon as you can. The longer you wait, the more difficult your case may become, and you want to put yourself in the best position to fight the charges against you.

Macomb County Criminal Defense Attorney

A Successful Strategy, From the First Day of Consultation

Your future is on the line, so you need a Macomb County Criminal Defense Attorney you can depend on.

The Michael L. Steinberg Law Firm will work tirelessly on your behalf to fight for charge reduction or case dismissal.

Three Sullys
Three Sullys
September 16, 2020.
I was facing a very difficult situation. Miko handled it with exceptional knowledge and genuine care. His vast experience proved to be invaluable dealing with my jurisdiction. His counsel is detailed and thorough allowing me to know exactly what I needed to do to ensure my best possible outcome. He makes himself promptly available. Also, there is absolutely no denying his sincerity, which is much needed during an extremely hard time. I am truly grateful for his service.
Mike Webb
Mike Webb
June 2, 2020.
Very good lawyer he will assure you that what he is doing is backed up by his actions very confident and know what he is doing I highly recommend him to anyone
Fab Roit
Fab Roit
December 14, 2019.
Mr. Steinberg is as straight as they come. He is a person you can trust who will look out for your best interests first and foremost.
December 12, 2019.
Atty Steinberg rocks!
T Lentz
T Lentz
December 5, 2019.
A dedicated and tireless fighter for people facing overreach by the court systems. Not only was he transparent, but communication was top notch, which, if you're facing legal trouble, is a big factor in keeping your demeanor on a day to day basis. I can't recommend Mr. Steinberg enough. Thank you for your advocacy, Mike.
Jacob Grimm
Jacob Grimm
July 23, 2019.
I was facing serious charges, day one he was on my case contacting the courts. For months before my case started he was there advising me on what would and what could happen. If you are facing any charges against you contact him right away, he saved my future. He got my charges dropped to the lowest possible charge. Michael is the best, and he is the best choice for your future. As we were walking out of court the judge said he was a very good lawyer and I was very lucky that he was on my side.
C Hicks
C Hicks
June 12, 2019.
He really is a good lawyer! He recently represented my loved one and he was determined, direct and communicated very well to let me know what was going on. The situation didn’t end how we wanted but it could’ve been a lot worse without mike and he was honest and told us ahead of time what we were up against.
Daniel Stechow
Daniel Stechow
October 8, 2018.
Michael did an excellent job for my family and I. He went above and beyond to get the most favorable outcome possible - one that probably would not have happened without him. The man knows how to get ot done!
Robert Morley
Robert Morley
July 7, 2018.
Thumbs up on Mike! If you want a compassionate attorney with passion for your case Mr. Steinberg is your go to guy. Mike returns your phone calls texts, and emails promptly. He is also very intelligent, sharp witted and a fighter for your rights. I highly recommend Michael Steinberg!

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