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What our clients have to say

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"We are so happy with Michael Steinberg, he stood by us for over 2 yrs in our case. He dug deep into the situation we were in and made sure we understood what we were up against. He never sugar-coated anything. He always answered our calls and texts, we never had to question his abilities. He made us feel at ease throughout our process by being respectful and compassionate along with communicating with us throughout our court dates. I hope We never have to use him again But if we do, he will be the first we call. I highly recommend him to anyone who is going through a hard offense. I want to thank you Mr. Steinberg for all your hard work in our case, you truly are a great attorney and person." Tina S
Tina S
Attorney Mike Steinberg did an excellent job of representing my brother. He served on my brother's case as public defender. Prior to both the arraignment and the pre-trial, Mr. Steinberg made a point to reach out to my brother and me both (I am my brother's advocate). He included me and was responsive to me and my brother at all times. He took the time to answer my questions and to let me know the status of the case several times. We were impressed because he is busy, yet he always treated us as if he had time for us. The outcome of the case was excellent; it was a relief, and we were thankful beyond words for Mr. Steinberg's work.
C. M.
Michael Steinberg became my brothers attorney after 2 previous court appointed attorneys he had prior, unfortunately one of them died and the other I am not sure what happened. Bottom line is I really believe it was meant to happen that way, though my brother had to spend 1 year in Oakland County. Not to get emotional but I must say Mike Steinberg not only is an amazing attorney he is a person with a heart and someone who cares for cases like my brothers! He recognized that my brother had so many odds against him and noticed his psychological issues and addiction. Mike saved my brother and got him out of jail after 1 year of being behind bars. Mike believed in my brother and listened to him, I remember my brother saying to me, sis I really like my lawyer, I think I will be getting out on probation!!! My brother is doing awesome and back to work currently. Thank you Mike for everything you do!!! Not only for my brother but every other person that I know you have touched.
Launa K.
"Michael is a lawyer that genuinely cares about his clients. He represented my son for over 2 years. During that time he called me or my son many times just to see how things were going or to have a discussion about his case. He gave me his cell phone number in case I needed him for anything in between hearings. I can't say enough good things about this man. NOT your typical lawyer for sure. Far superior. I trusted him with my son's life and he delivered. Highly recommended."
Harriet K.
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"Mr. Steinberg has proven time and again that he is a tireless defender for any person in need of his services. Highly recommended."
Jo R.
Spiritual Advisor
"Michael is straight- forward, 'no-nonsense' type of guy and very knowledgeable. He will get the job done! He is understanding and well connected. He will represent you fairly and honestly."
Jeanaiah M.
Hair Stylist
"Michael is someone who is always fighting to obtain the best results possible for his clients. He is a true criminal defense attorney. In addition, he is a highly respected and dedicated member of the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan."
Tom C.
Miller Canfield P. L. C
"Mike is a constitutional warrior and not afraid to tackle difficult felony cases."
Michele K.
Kelly & Kelly, P.C.
"Mike is a warrior! I highly recommend him!"
Pamela J.
Michael is a justice warrior, and I recommend him to anyone who needs representation in Michigan."
Clifford L.
"Michael is an excellent attorney that fights for his clients. I have observed him several times and found his representation of clients to be outstanding."
Dennis W.
"Michael cares deeply for his clients and the law. Have watched him spend many hours working hard and diligently to do right and well by them. He dedicates much of his precious free time being of service to the causes of his heart."
Mary S.
"Mr. Steinberg is one of the most dedicated trial attorneys I have ever known. Not only does he spend countless hours and time with his own clients, but he gives time and trial assistance to other attorneys so that they are adequately prepared for their cases."
Rhonda I.
"Michael truly cares about his clients!"
Larry S.
"Mike knows the law and stays current on the law. He is industrious and will fight for the rights of the client."
Timothy K.