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Macomb County Domestic Violence Lawyer

Get The Defense You Need For Domestic Violence

The crime of domestic violence (DV) occurs when an assault or an assault and battery is committed coupled with a close relationship between the parties as defined by the domestic violence statute of Michigan MCL 750.81.

Due to the severeness of the allegations, all DV accusations are taken very seriously. In many instances, people are falsely accused, nevertheless, in Michigan, the burden of proof is on the accused to show that they did not commit the alleged offense. 

Being accused of DV can be quite daunting.  Know that the Macomb County Domestic Violence Defense Attorney,  Michael L. Steinberg has helped many people facing these type of allegations get their cases dismissed or found “not guilty” at trial.

What Constitutes a Domestic Relationship?

DV cases are given a special legal status in Michigan to protect those that are family members or in close relationships. A domestic relationship can consist of any of the following: 

  • Current or former spouses
  • Couples in a dating relationship
  • Couples who share a child in common
  • Members of the same household
Therefore any violence against these people (regardless of sex) can result in DV charges:

Macomb County Domestic Violence Defense AttorneyDomestic Violence Allegations

Can Result in Civil & Criminal Penalties Like:

  • An Order ofProtection
  • Jail Time
  • Probation
  • Losing Parental Rights
  • Losing Your Right to Own a Firearm

Contact a Macomb County Domestic Violence Lawyer at The Law Offices of Michael L. Steinberg.

If you are facing DV charges, or a related charge, you want the best representation in finding the underlying cause of these allegations by examining all of the evidence, interviewing all witnesses, and challenging every aspect of the state’s case.

Most DV cases do not go to trial but in some cases there is no other alternative but to have a bench or jury trial. Macomb County defense attorney, Michael L. Steinberg is known for having a representation for being aggressive, passionate and a resourceful trial lawyer.  

For more information on defense of your DV charges, contact The Law Offices of Michael L. Steinberg any time, day or night.

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