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Our principal attorney, Michael L. Steinberg is listed in “America’s Top 100 Criminal Defense Attorney’s”. This distinguished legal recognition identifies the top 100 criminal defense attorneys by state. Out of the millions of attorneys in the United States, being in this list is a singular honor.


Michael L. Steinberg is here for you. If you or someone you love was arrested and you are looking for an attorney you can trust, turn to our Royal Oak Defense Attorney law firm. You can start today by telling us about your case through a free case review!

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Michael L. Steinberg has been named by his peers to SuperLawyer for 11 years in a row!

Hiring an attorney to handle your defense sounds expensive. Hiring Mike, does not, as your lawyer does not have to break the bank. Mike has vast respect for public defenders and handles court-appointed cases himself. Mike teaches criminal defense lawyers how to defend cases. As appointed and retained counsel,  It is that daily presence in the courtroom, for over 31 years, that has allowed Mike to garner the respect of the bench, the staff, the prosecution, police officers, and other shareholders. Mike is a formidable opponent who leaves no stone unturned.


Michael L. Steinberg has been a shareholder in the establishment of the Michigan Indigent Defense Commission (MIDC). Our Organization, the Criminal Defense Attorney’s of Michigan has two permanent seats on the Commission. Our Board of Directors has been an elected member since 2002, oversees our permanent Commission members, and gives input.
Because of the MIDC, people accused of crimes do not have to sit in jail waiting to see a judge or magistrate. There is a lawyer now present to argue for bond A jail is a coercive environment where the accused is not in communication with the outside.
Getting the accused before a judge or magistrate protects these folks’. MIDC in action.

Faculty Member

Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan (CDAM).

Not only does Michael L. Steinberg practice law, but he also helps teach Trial Skills to other attorneys, law school grads and law students. He’s proud to serve as Faculty for the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan. This is from CDAM’s popular Evidence Bootcamp, held May 18, 2019. He had the pleasure to be part of it since its inception. We get people on their feet and thinking outside of the box.


Hands down Michael is my go-to attorney… Around 6 years ago I was referred to him by a close friend, I have been more than thankful ever since. As well as being a great lawyer he is a great person. The court can be scary and have him represent you is one of the best things you could do for yourself. Any court I have been in with him (and trust me there has been many) he is well known and respected at the highest level. I’ve had a magistrate look at me and say “I respect your decision of having such great counsel represent you.” Now imagine that when you’re facing criminal charges and potential jail time. He fights for your rights and is very professional and reassuring, inside the courtroom he emits a radiance of confidence. If you’re dealing with the court system look no further! I promise you found the right lawyer for life.

As through the years passing I always retain Mr. Steinberg, he cares deeply and has become a lifetime friend. He has kept my freedom safe time and time again…sometimes at impossible odds that someone with the respect he has with the courts can only achieve. Again I say look no further this is the lawyer you need and can trust.

Eric B.